Mark Martyre

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He’s considered something of a Dylanesque genius up in Toronto town. Truth be told, Mark Martyre is, indeed, impressive as hell, and the more you listen to Rivers the more you’re carried away on the rushing rapids of his travels and the inherent wisdom he’s gleaned thereof.“ [Mike Greenblatt, The Aquarian Weekly]

“Toronto-based singer-songwriter Mark Martyre is dazzling with his fifth release, ‘Rivers’. A winding, wistful, deeply poetic take on regret and disillusion, Martyre delights with the smokiness of his vocals and sheer mastery or lyricism.” [Emma Sloan, Canadian Beats]

“This well travel Canuck is more Tom Waits than Murray McLaughlin and you’ll be especially drawn to him if you and Waits parted ways when he parted ways with Elektra. Dour stuff that isn’t laced with regret, listen to this and you’ll feel the sun’s coming up and you’re riding with lady luck one more time.” [Midwest Record]

“Martyre is a troubadour of rare talent and authenticity. This is an artist who just gets better with every release.” [Floorshime Zipper Boots]

“[Mark’s] work is so interesting and thought provoking.” [Jacqueline Howell, Co-founder/editor/writer - Step On Magazine]

“He’s the kind of artist that if you were at a bar, and he just stepped up and started playing, you would stop what you’re doing and listen. …You don’t need gimmicks and half naked people and pyrotechnics all the time.  You need talent, and this guy is chalk full of it.” [Anything But Nickelback blog]

“There is a certain wryness about Martyre’s voice – very Tom Waits – which makes it perfect for telling stories about knowing the truth and bearing the weight of it so that someone else doesn’t have to before their time.” [Juliette Jagger, Rock and Roll Journalist /]

“With poetic lyrics, a touch of guitar, piano, violin, cello and accordion, and Mark’s velvet and gravel vocals, the songs swirl around you like pages of your life ripped from your diary and reinterpreted for a new day. Consider the guy your troubadour, your new inner voice, your invisible buddy — whatever.  Just don’t ignore him.” [Scott Galloway, When You Motor Away]

“The composition is so simple and beautiful that it borders on magnificent. …Most really good music plays with your emotions, be it lyrically or in the way its composed. Amazing music plays you from both fronts, where the music evokes just as much emotion as the lyrics do and you’re left feeling charged with whatever the emotions of the song happened to be… Mark’s songs are very much like that for me.” [Candice Dionysus, INTune Magazine]

“His lyrics are unparalleled.” [Olivia D’Orazio, Editor-in-Chief: Raz Mataz Magazine]

“Mark Martyre is a true story teller, whose words flow on poetic river and a well rounded musician who masters the art of captivating an audience. Anyone who is a fan of Leonard Cohen or Tom Waits will immediately fall in love with this album. For those of you who aren’t, after listening to Mark Martyre you will have a new found appreciation for these artists.” [Carolina Smart, Music Reviewer - Lipstik Indie]

“Fantastic lyrics. He clearly has a really warm soul and a passion for writing and music.” [Peter Katz, singer-songwriter]

“Singer-songwriter Mark Martyre follows the dusty path of Steve Earle and Towns Van Zandt, with hints of Nick Cave too.” [Rob Jones, The Delete Bin]

“The Canadian music scene is very much alive and well… Mark Martyre actually released his latest album Down, Record back in September of last year… My first thought upon hearing the album was Tom Waits, and fans of him and the folk genre in general should givethe album a listen.” [The Indie Mine]

“Mark plays for a charmed life, where music should be listened to intently. It felt like a private show, which gives that little heavy feeling in the pit of our chest. If you miss that 3AM feeling, Mark Martyre is good for you.” [Toronto Social Review]